Board Members

Patrick McHugh
Interim Board Chair
Chair of Executive Committee
Dr. Amy Anderson
Pasco Hernando State College
Finance/Audit Committee
Gus Guadagnino
Private Sector
Finance/Audit Committee
Angela Porterfield
Head Start Director - Pasco County
Executive Committee
Robin Napier
Hernando County Health Department
Chantal Porte
Department of Children & Families
Jessica Weightman
Pasco-Hernando Workforce Board
Colleen Kenney
Faith-Based Representative - Hernando
Mike Wells
Pasco County Board of Commissioners
Lynn Hollingsworth
Exceptional Student Education - Pasco County
Rebecca Wilkinson-Shields
Business Community At Large Representative
Bimal Bhojani
Private Sector
Executive Committee
Jacob Horner
Governor Appointee
Private Sector
Lisa Campos
Private Sector
Neil Thompson
Private Sector

Executive Committee and Chair of Finance/Audit Committee

Adam Horn
Private Sector
Finance/Audit Committee
Kimberly Harrison
Community at Large
Maryam Belavilas, MD
Private Sector
Jan Jones
Provider Representative - Pasco County
Gina Michalicka
Hernando County Schools
Lavana Harvey
Private Sector

Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

The Early Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando Counties, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is soliciting applications from those interested in filling vacancies on its Board. These are volunteer positions in an exciting new endeavor, which will be responsible for the preparation of children, from 0-8 years of age, for entry into both Pasco and Hernando County schools. Except for the representative of a Day Care Provider (a mandate in the covering legislation), an applicant CANNOT be employed by a direct service provider to pre-school children.
If you are a parent, a businessperson, a professional in areas other than child care and/or a retiree, here is your challenge and opportunity to contribute to planning and implementing programs to benefit these youngsters. Applicants must be residents of and/or work in either Pasco and/or Hernando County.
Board meetings are held quarterly and all members are covered by Florida's Sunshine Law. Additionally, a number of subcommittees are formed as they are needed. The greater the variety of the Board's membership, the more productive its work will be.
Gubernatorial Candidates - please fill out the Florida Appointments Questionnaire. All gubernatorial applications are processed by the Governor's Office. Governor appointed positions on the Coalition's Board of Directors are currently open at this time.
For more information, call (866) 797-9444, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.