Board Members

Patrick McHugh
Interim Chair
Dr. Amy Anderson
Pasco Hernando State College
Gus Guadagnino
Private Sector
Angela Porterfield
Head Start Director - Pasco County
Robin Napier
Hernando County Health Department
Mary Beth Wehnes
Department of Children & Families
Jessica Weightman
Pasco-Hernando Workforce Board
Colleen Kenney
Faith-Based Representative - Hernando County
Mike Wells
Pasco County Board of Commissioners
Lynn Hollingsworth
Exceptional Student Education - Pasco County

Kathleen Casper
Community at Large - Pasco County
Bimal Bhojani
Provider Representative - Pasco County
David Meglay
Private Sector
Lisa Campos
Private Sector
Neil Thompson
Private Sector
Adam Horn
Private Sector
Kimberly Harrison
Community at Large
Maryam Belavilas, MD
Private Sector