Inclusion Services

Do you have concerns about your child's development?
Contact our WarmLine @ or 866-797-9444 ext. 810
1. Discuss your specific concerns with the child’s parent/guardian:
Find out if you share a mutual concern. Does this occur at home as well as in the classroom? How does the parent/guardian address their concerns with the child? Would they be open to outside involvement from the Early Learning Coalition? Has the child been enrolled at your center for a minimum of 8 weeks?
(If “yes” then continue to #2.)

2. Notifying the Early Learning Coalition of your specific concern about a child:
Call or Email the Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition Warm Line;
Telephone: 727-233-8291 (EXT. 810)
Please include the child’s enrollment date, date of birth, and a brief outline of your specific concerns/the presenting problems. (Do NOT include the child’s name)
3. Your assigned Inclusion Specialist will contact you via telephone to discuss the next steps. He/she may immediately refer you to outside services (depending on the presenting problem). Or, he/she may provide you with intervention techniques to try for a period of 4-6 weeks. If the intervention methods are not effective after being consistently implemented, you may contact us again to notify and re-assess.
4. The Inclusion Specialist may provide you with an Inclusion Referral Packet. The packet consists of; an Informed Consent for Inclusion Services, a Request for Inclusion services, a Behavior Questionnaire, the age appropriate ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2. ALL referrals require an ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2 completed by both the parent/guardian and teacher. (Parent/guardian must consent to our involvement)
5. Once all paperwork is filled out completely, notify your Inclusion Specialist and he/she will schedule an on-site observation at which time we will review the Referral Packet and provide the teacher/parent/guardian with intervention methods and techniques to address the specific behaviors of concern.


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