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How Your Donations Help –  The Coalition serves nearly 9,000 children a day in Pasco and Hernando counties.  Additionally, the Coalition supports families and caregivers with child care assistance funding so that nearly 4,800 parents, foster parents, and grandparents can continue to work or attend school. 
For every $1 donated, our grant is matched with $16. We currently have a wait list for School Readiness services, and our goal is to make sure every eligible family is served.

Ways to Donate

Sponsor a Child – Children who participate in Early Childhood Development programs, when compared with children who do not, are more likely to enroll in school, plan their families, become productive adults, and educate their own children.  They also are less likely to repeat a grade, drop out of school, or engage in criminal activities.
Early childhood, the period between birth and age 8, is the foundation of a child’s future health, growth, development and achievement at school and throughout life. Experiences during these early years shape brain architecture and have a direct impact on social, emotional and learning skills. This investment prospectus focuses on the first five years of a child’s life — an important window of opportunity in a child’s development.
Why are early learning opportunities so important? During the first few years of life, approximately 700 neural connections are formed every second. These connections are dictated by the interplay of a baby’s genetics, environment and experiences, especially the child’s interactions with adults. These are the connections that build brain architecture — the foundation upon which all later learning and behavior depend.  Children who are not exposed to early learning opportunities before age 5 are left at a distinct disadvantage.
Monetary Contributions – receive 16:1 match!  Because of this match, your $235 can fund one child in childcare for a full year.
Sponsor an event – You don't want to miss on partnering with two of our main signature events, please contact Melinda Velez if you are interested in information about these opportunities. 
Let us choose – if you are not sure what you would like to help with, you may make a general donation  that can be used for what we are in most need of at the moment. 

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