Early learning or early education- these are terms that are used to describe programs that provide education for children outside their own home before kindergarten. We know that children are actively learning wherever they are–at home, in early learning programs, and communities. Parents are undeniably children’s first and most important teachers, but young children need meaningful learning opportunities to develop skills, sense of self and a foundation for learning throughout life. Children who participate in early learning programs develop a love for learning, and families benefit too! Child care providers range from family care centers to public schools and from specialized instructional service professionals to private and faith-based care centers.

Children who attend high quality early learning programs develop competencies in:

  • Healthy eating and wellness habits
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Self-help/self-regulation
  • Creative expression through the arts
  • Planning and reflection
  • Eagerness/curiosity for learning
  • Persistence
  • Social skills with peers and adults
  • Greater identity of who they are


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