School Readiness Program (SR)

School Readiness Financial Assistance

The Coalition‘s  School Readiness Program can help working parents with the cost of child care (frequently called a child care subsidy). These services include extended-day, extended-year, and school age care for children to support parents in becoming financially self-sufficient. A family’s gross income (income before taxes, insurance, and any other deductions are subtracted) is used to determine eligibility. Both earned income (for example, wages) and unearned income (for example, child support, Social Security payments, Unemployment Insurance) are counted.
Generally, families with children who are 9 years old or younger may receive help through the School Readiness Program. However, a family may receive a child care subsidy for a child up to the age of 13. 
Depending on the family income, the family will pay a fee for each child for whom you receive financial assistance. The co-payment is based on family income and family size. Parents are expected to make their co-payment directly to the child care provider.
All families eligible for School Readiness financial assistance may select the provider of their choice. However, the Coalition will only pay for child care if the child care provider has a contract in place with the Coalition.

Wait List

Funding for school readiness services is limited. When funding is unavailable, families may be placed on the School Readiness (SR) Waiting List as follows:
All clients requesting to apply for the SR Waiting List (child care assistance) will need to complete an application in the Family Portal.
  • Supporting documentation will be required to determine placement on the waiting list.
  • You will be notified if additional information is needed prior to placing your child (ren) on the waiting list.
  • You are required to update your application on line if changes occur.
  • You will be contacted every 6 months to remain on the waiting list; failure to respond will result in the termination of waiting list status.
  • Families may contact the Child Care Resource & Referral office directly at (727)233-8291 to request a listing of providers that may offer scholarships, negotiated rates, or a sliding scale fee.
When funds become available you will receive an invitation to come into the office to determine if you are eligible. Invitations are sent based on the established priorities and the date your child(ren) was placed on the waiting list.