Developmental Screening

The best way to help a child achieve developmental milestones is to identify possibe challenges and strategize with the child's family and school early.  The Coalition has an Inclusion Department that deploys Inclusion Specialists into the field to support providers and families through screening and identification.  Tools used to identify developmental challenges are the ASQ-3 and ASQSE2 screenings.  The purpose of these screenings is to ensure a child's developmental progress will be tracked and when necessary proper follow-up will be offered. 

To reach an Inclusion Specialist, you may call 727-233-8291 or email to
No child should ever be asked to leave or be expelled from a child care program without the provider first contacting the Coalition for assistance. Every program is not right for every child; however, providers have an obligation to work with parents, access resources available in the community and do all they can to meet each child’s needs.
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Developmental Screening Process Changes


ASQ-3 Developmental Screening Process Changes