Inclusion Services

The purpose of the Inclusion Department is to provide assistance and consultation to child care providers for the purpose of including every child, regardless of ability, in the opportunity to participate fully in a broad range of activities offered in the early learning environment so as to prepare them to enter and succeed in school. 
Our Developmental Services Team is here to help!

PARENTS: Contact our Warm Line at or by calling 727-233-8291 ext. 810. 

You may also complete a free developmental screening on your child using the Brookes ASQ-3 Screener.

Click the link to access: (Family Access Link)

PROVIDERS: Please follow the directions listed below. You may also contact our Warm Line at or by calling 727-233-8291 ext. 810.

Provider Referral Process

1. Discuss your specific concerns with the child’s parent/guardian:
Find out if you share a mutual concern. Does this occur at home as well as in the classroom? How does the parent/guardian address their concerns with the child? Would they be open to outside involvement from the Early Learning Coalition? Has the child been enrolled at your center for a minimum of 8 weeks?
(If “yes” then continue to #2.)

2. Notifying the Early Learning Coalition of your specific concern about a child:
Call or Email the Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition Warm Line;
Telephone: 727-233-8291 (EXT. 810)
Please include the child’s enrollment date, date of birth, and a brief outline of your specific concerns/the presenting problems. (Do NOT include the child’s name)
3. Your assigned Inclusion Specialist will contact you via telephone to discuss the next steps. He/she may immediately refer you to outside services (depending on the presenting problem). Or, he/she may provide you with intervention techniques to try for a period of 4-6 weeks. If the intervention methods are not effective after being consistently implemented, you may contact us again to notify and re-assess.
4. The Inclusion Specialist may provide you with an Inclusion Referral Packet. The packet consists of; an Informed Consent for Inclusion Services, a Request for Inclusion services, a Behavior Questionnaire, the age appropriate ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2. ALL referrals require an ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2 completed by both the parent/guardian and teacher. (Parent/guardian must consent to our involvement)
5. Once all paperwork is filled out completely, notify your Inclusion Specialist and he/she will schedule an on-site observation at which time we will review the Referral Packet and provide the teacher/parent/guardian with intervention methods and techniques to address the specific behaviors of concern.


Early Steps