Child Care Resource & Referral

The Coalition's Resource and Referral program offers free information and referral services to all families seeking quality early care and school readiness programs and out of school time solutions. Resource and Referrals also assist in the recruitment, startup and support of providers and promote quality, availability and affordability of services within their communities.
There are no charges/fees associated with a provider listing in the Child Care Resource & Referral Database or for referrals to your program. If you are asked to provide a payment for a referral or listing in the Child Care Resource and Referral database, please call Florida's Office of Early Learning at (866) 357-3239 or (866) FL-READY. The information reported about a provider's program is objective program information that is based on standards that are attainable for providers based on their type of care.
For more information about the Coalition's Resource and Referral program please contact your local Coalition field office.


What is CCR&R?

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